Client Testimonials

"Chance came to my aid when I was feeling overwhelmed with an uncooperative computer. He was so pleasant, engaging and helpful. After figuring out what was needed to get it running well, he went above and beyond my expectations to find good freeware and shareware to help me accomplish what I wanted to do with drawing and editing. He is very competent and knowledgeable and knows what's available. I highly recommend working with him."

–Sheri, Squirrel Hill

"Over the years, I've used several different people to help me solve computer problems. Chance is the best. He's knowledgeable, fair, and service-oriented. I need my computer for my work, so it's essential that any problems get handled promptly and effectively. I wouldn't think of using anyone other than Chance to work on my computer."

–Deborah, Regent Square

"Chance is not only knowledgeable about everything related to computers, he is an excellent teacher with a great deal of patience. He makes himself available and is always on time for an appointment. In addition, he will help you purchase anything related to your computer and save you money while you get the very best product using his suggestion."

–Gerald, Point Breeze

"Chance has been my computer's friend and expert for several years. He is just what the doctor ordered when it ails. He has been able to detect what's needed to get it back in working condition. He comes promptly and answers my emails and often is able to do what is needed by phone or return mail. I am happy to recommend him and know if you call him you will also."

–Harriet, Oakland

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