Don't panic!

Help is here ,and you've found it. Our mission is to help you in the most polite, friendly, and respectful way we can, and to explain technology in a way you can understand. We've been providing friendly, personal, and expert computer help to clients of all ages in the Greater Pittsburgh area for 25 years between us. We proudly offer offer house calls, remote repairs, and drop-off service.

Whatever problem you may be having - whether your laptop just crashed, you think it might have a virus, or you need to set up a wireless network - The Computer Wizard is here to help simplify your life. I make house calls, or I can work on your system from my office.

    I specialize in:

  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Hardware & Software Repair
  • Custom-Built Systems & Upgrades
  • Device Setup & Maintenance
  • System Optimization
  • One-on-one Lessons
  • Network management

In the world of computer support today, you may often find people who communicate better with computers than they do with other people. There are also many computer professionals who believe they know more than they really do, along with amateurs who think they're professionals. The Computer Wizard combines breadth and depth of experience with the ability to explain complex concepts in a way anyone can understand.

I encourage you to look at the Testimonials, About Me, and Policies pages of this site to get a better idea of how I believe a computer support business should be run.

Please call today for a free consultation at (412) 401-1204.

(References available; client testimonials available here.)